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Mathematical Functions
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Mathematical function perform numerical operation on mathematical data. The various mathematical functions are:

Function NameParameterDescription
ABS (numeric_expression) Return an absolute value)
ACOS,ASIN, ATN (float_expression) Returns the angle in radians whose cosin,sin and tangent is a floating point value
COS,SIN,COT,TAN (float_expression) Returns the angle in radians whose cosin, sin, tangent and cot of the angle
DEGREES (numeric_expression) Returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to the specified value
EXP (float_expression) Return the exponential value of the specified value
FLOOR (numeric_expression) Return the largest integer less than or equal to the specified value.
LOG (float_expression) Return the natural logarithm of the specified value
LOG (float_expression) Return the natural logarithm of the specified value
LOG10 (float_expression) Return the base-10 logarithm of the specified value
PI () Returns the constant value of 3.141592653589793
POWER< (numeric_expression, y) Return the value of numeric_expression to the value of y
RADIANS< (numeric_expression) Convert from degrees to radians
RAND ([seed]) Return a random float number between 0 and 1
ROUND (numeric_expression, length) returns a numeric expression rounded off to the length specified as an integer expression
SIGN (numeric_expression) Returns positive, negative or zero
SQRT (float_expression) Return the square root of the specified value


ROUND (numeric_expression,length)

numeric_expression is the numeric expression to be round off

SELECT 'value'= ROUND (123.452352,3)

Out Put:

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