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Object Oriented Programming v/s Procedural Programming

Object Oriented Programming Concepts in Java

Introduction to Class,Object and Method in Java

Class Declaration in Java

Class & Objects in java

Encapsulation in Java

Modifiers/Visibility for a Class or Interrface or member of a Class

Polymorphism in Java

Runtime polymorphism (dynamic binding or method overriding)

Some new extra Features of Jdk1.6 as follows
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  1. Changes in I/O: This is a new feature added in Java SE 6, which has the ability to read text from a terminal without having it echo on the screen through

  2. Collections Framework Enhancement: In Collection framework, we are able to improve the performance hashing function that is used by java.util.HashMap. It provides some new Collection interfaces also.

  3. Changes in jar and zip: Jar and zip support has been enhanced in JDK 6. In this, two new compressed streams have been added. These are and

  4. Java Web Start enhancements in version 6: The cache format of Java Web Start and Plug-In has been fully changed. All dialogs have been redesigned and consolidated between Java Web Start and Plug-In to be more user friendly.

  5. JMX API Enhancements: Enhancements has been made to the JMX API in Java SE 6 like : JMX API now completely supports Generics, MXBeans have been added and much more?

  6. Java Platform Debugger Architecture Enhancements: JVMDI has been deleted in JAVA SE 6 and JPDA has been added. Some new Methods are included like boolean boolean canGetInstanceInfo() and much more?

  7. Java SE 6 Monitoring and Management Enhancements: API provided by JAVA SE allows you to monitor and manage the JVM in the package JAVA SE 6 includes some enhancement to this API.

  8. New Package java.util.spi in JDK 6: A new package Java.util.spi has been included in JAVA SE 6.

  9. Networking features and enhancements in Java SE version 6.0 :This feature include enhancement in networkInterface, support for Internationalized Domain Names, HTTP Negotiate Authentication and much more?

  10. Enhancements in java.lang.Class and java.lang.reflect: Some new Methods are included in java.lang.Class like : getInterfaces(), getClasses(), getConsturctors(), getMethod(String, Class?) and much more?.

  11. Enhancement in RMI for JDKTM 6: java.rmi.MarshalledObject now support generics

  12. JAVA SE 6 Security Enhancements: JAVA SE 6 has added support for some security functionality: the XML Digital signature API and implementation, Smart Card I/O API. And much more?

  13. Serialization Changes and Enhancements in JAVA SE Development Kit 6: The new method ObjectStreamClass.lookupAny now used to obtain an ObjectStreamClass instance for a non-serializable Class.

  14. JavaTM Virtual Machine Technology: DTrace support has include in Java SE 6 HotSpot VM. The hotspot provider makes available probes that can be used to track the lifespan of the VM, thread start and stop events.

  15. Scripting for the Java Platform: By using this Features developers integrate Java technology and scripting languages by defining a standard framework and application programming interface (API).

  16. Leveraging Security in the Native Platform Using Java SE 6 Technology: The JAVA SE 6 provide a large set of security APIs. These Security APIs span a wide range of areas, including cryptography public key infrastructure, secure communication, authentication, and access control.

  17. JAX-Web Services 2.0 With the Java SE 6 Platform: Most exciting new features of the JAVA SE 6 is support for the Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS), version 2.0.

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