Java Programing laungage

Core Java Tutorial

Introduction of Core Java

How To Install JDk and Set of Path

Syntax of java Program

Difference between Java and C/C++

Advantage and Disadvantage of Java

What is Java

Why Java is not Pure Object Oriented Language

Java has Following Features/Characteristics

Limitation of Java Language and Java Internet

Common Misconception about Java

Simple Program of Java

Integrated Development Environment in java

Compile and Run Java Program

Applet and Comments in Java

Tokens in Java

Keywords in Java

Identifier and Variables in Java


Data Type in Java

Assignments and Initialization in Java

Operators in Java

Rule of Precedence in Java

Operator on Integer and Separators in Java Programming

Java Control Flow of Statements

If and If-else Selection Statement

Nested If-else and If-else-If Selection Statement

switch case and conditional operator Selection Statement

for and while Loop

do..while and for each Loop

break and labeled break statement

continue and labeled continue statement

return Statement and exit() Method

Escape Sequence for Special Characters and Unicode Code

Constants and Block or Scope

Statement in Java

Conversions between Numeric Types in Java

Import Statement in Java

User Input in Java using Scanner Class

User Input in Java using Console Class

Array in Java

One Dimensional Array

Two Dimensional Array

Two Dimensional Array Program

Command Line Argument in Java

String args Types in Java

Uneven/Jagged array in java

Math Class Function and Constant

Math Class all Function used in a program

Enumerated Types in Java

Object Oriented Programming v/s Procedural Programming

Object Oriented Programming Concepts in Java

Introduction to Class,Object and Method in Java

Class Declaration in Java

Class & Objects in java

Encapsulation in Java

Modifiers/Visibility for a Class or Interrface or member of a Class

Polymorphism in Java

Runtime polymorphism (dynamic binding or method overriding)

Integrated Development Environment in java
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IDE is a Integrated Development Environment is a software program that is designed to help programmers and developers build software. Using IDE we can write program easy way check compile time errors and easily solve the erroors and spelling mistake These IDE provides editor which will checked all syntax at development time (before executions). These IDE checks spelling, compile time error. These IDE provides auto-format, special notations for keywords. Here you can run, debug your applications.

To write your Java programs, you will need a text editor. There are even more IDEs available in the market. You can follow some one of them.

Notepad: On Windows you can use any simple text editor like Notepad ,Notepad ++,TextPad etc.

Netbeans: Netbeans is a Java IDE that is open-source and free which can be downloaded from the below link.

Eclipse: Eclipse is also a Java IDE developed by the eclipse open-source community and can be downloaded from the below link.

Graphical Application

Graphical application is GUI based application Graphical User Interface. A program interface that takes advantage of the computer graphics capabilities to make the program easy to use. Graphical user interfaces can free the user from learning complex command languages. The GUI performed direct manipulation of the graphical elements.

There are two sets of Java APIs for graphics programming: AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) and Swing.

  1. AWT API was introduced in JDK 1.0. Most of the AWT components have become obsolete and should be replaced by newer Swing components.
  2. Swing API, a much more comprehensive set of graphics libraries that enhances the AWT, was introduced as part of Java Foundation Classes (JFC) after the release of JDK 1.1. JFC consists of Swing, Java2D, Accessibility, Internationalization, and Pluggable Look-and-Feel Support APIs. JFC was an add-on to JDK 1.1 but has been integrated into core Java since JDK 1.2.

Other than AWT/Swing Graphics APIs provided in JDK, others have also provided Graphics APIs that work with Java, such as Eclipse's Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) (used in Eclipse), Google Web Toolkit (GWT) (used in Android), 3D Graphics API such as Java bindings for OpenGL (JOGL) and Java3D.

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