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WCF programming model support 3 styles of programming :

  1. Declarative programming, in which we can define attributes
  2. Imperative programming, in which we work with the WCF object model in code
  3. Configuration-based programming, in which we define behavior in application configuration files

Service programs: In it defines four element

  1. Contract definitions: A servicehave at least one service contract, and it might contain multiple service contracts, data contracts, or message contracts.
  2. Implementation code: The service contracts in a service need code to implement their service operations.
  3. Hosting code: Some code is needed to create and start the service.
  4. Endpoint definitions: One or more address "binding" contract endpoints must be declared.

Before Starting :

This example require the following packages to be installed on your system.

  1. .net framework 3.0 RC1
  2. Windows SDK RC1
Application Of WCF Service

There are three service for WCP service.

A. Developing the Server application

  • Step 1: Create the application
  • Step 2: Create the Service Contracts
  • Step 3: Create the Service Implementation Code
  • Step 4: Create the Service Host
  • Step 5: Create the Service Configurations

B. Publish the Service MetaData

C. Create .net Based Client Application

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