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XML stands for? a. eXtra Markup Language b. eXplore Markup Language c. eXpensive Markup Language d. eXtensible Markup Language

Main purpose to design XML is? a. save and transport data b. how to reuse data c. to made connection b/w data d. how to use data

XML is Case-Sensitive Language or not?

Which one is correct? a. Write name here b. Write name here

What is the stand form of DOM? 1. Document object model 2. Derect object Module 3. Document object Module 4. None

We can not use the SAX without DOM tru or not? 1. true 2. false

What is the stand form of SAX? 1. Simple Application of XML 2. Sample Application of XML 3. Simple Access of XML 4. None

What is the stand for XMLA? 1. Extangible markup language Analysis 2. Extangible marking language Analysis 3. External markup language Analysis 4. None

What is the stand form of XHTML? 1. Extangible Hyper Text Markup Language 2. Extangible Hybride Text Markup Language 3. External Hyper Text Markup Language 4. None

What is the stand form of the COM? 1. Component object Model 2. Common Object Model 3. Component object Module 4. None

XML support to the tree structure true or not? 1. True 2. False

Which one method is used for comment in XML? 1. // 2. ! 3.

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