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XML Subjective Questions And Answers

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How you define DOM in XML?

How XML support UNICODE characters ?

How you define XMLA?

What is XHTML?

what do you know about XML parser?

How to create an XML Document? Explain it with example.

How XML support TREE Structure?

Write some basic rules of XML?

How to define XML Element?

How you define attributes in XML?

How you define XML Entity?

How to write comment in XML?

How you define DTD in XML?

What is the XML prolog?

How you define Tree Structure in XML?

What are the disadvantage of XML?

What is the XML Canonicalization?

What is the XQuery?

How we use xml.onload?

What are the Limitations of DTD?

What is the CDATA section in HTML?

How to define tag name in XML?

What is XSLT?

How we use CSS with XML?

What are the advantage of XML?

What do you understand about XML Serialization and Binary Serialization?

What are the techniques that we use to process XML files?

How to display XML data as HTML?

What is the XMLHttpRequest Object?

How to create an XMLHttpRequest Object?

Why we called XML as self-describing data?

How we define an empty XML element?

What do you understand about Schema?

How we write the comments in the XML file?

Where data is stored in XML?

How we can say that XML is extensible?

What you understand with document validity?

What is validating parser ?

What is the XML? Explain it.

How we can say XML is differ from HTML?

What do you understand about XML Namespaces and Linking?

What do you understand about XPath?

What you define SAX in XML?

How SAX is different than DOM?

Define markup language?

Should I use XML,Where?

When dynamically generating HTML pages from a relational database,describe the role that XSL ?

Define SGML in brief?

XML, SGML and HTML all the same thing or not,define brief?

Who is responsible for XML?

Define SOAP and how does it relate to XML?

Define steps necessary to parse XML documents?

Describe benefits of an XML Editor?

Give examples of XML Editors?

Define \"\" in brief?

Define brief \"\" ?

Define brief?

Define in brief?

Define Child Elements and Content in any XML Program?

\'Tags Are Case Sensitive\' how, define ?

In XML elements have nested properly.Define?

Define some terms when naming the element in XML?

Define essential components of security does the XML Signatures provide?

What is an XML namespace name?

What software is needed to process XML Namespaces?

Define Syntax rules in XML in brief?

define XML Elements, Attributes with example?

What are basic problems to using Attributes?

Define XMLHttpRequest Object?

Does XML replace HTML?

Define XML namespace?

XML Subjective Questions And Answers