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COM Interoperability
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Using the COM Interop functions provided by the .NET Framework, you can gain access to all the objects, methods, and events that are exposed by any COM object simply by establishing a reference to it. This includes previous versions of ADO and COM objects that you’ve developed using them. The .NET Framework creates an interop assembly that handles communication between The .NET Framework and COM.The interop assembly handles a number of tasks, but the most important is data type marshaling.


COM Data Type Marshaling
Com Data Type .NET Framework Type
bool Int32 char, small SByte
Short Int16l
unsigned char, byte Byte
wchar_t, unsigned short UInt16
unsigned long, unsigned int UINT32
unsigned hyper UInt64
float single
double Double
void * IntPtr
HRESULT Int16 or IntPtr
CURRENCY decimal
LPSTR String
IDispatch object
DATE Date Tiime Date Tiime
BSTR String
IUnknown* Object
SAFEARRAY(type) type[]
long, int Int32
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