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RDF Reference
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Reference means the use of a source of information in order to find out or addressing something. In RDF Reference we describe following:

RDF Namespace




RDF Class

In RDF classes we have rdf elements. Example of rdf elements.

rdfs:datatypes:- Datatypes are used by RDF in order to representation values such as integers, floating point numbers and dates etc. A datatypes is identified by one or more URI references. RDF datatypes or rdf:datatypes is a class of datatypes which is a subclass of class.

rdf:property:- rdf:property is the class of RDF properties and is a subclass of resources. The subclass property used to state that one property is a sub property of another.

rdfs:literal:- rdfs:Literal is class of literal values (such as text and numbers. These text and numbers can be strings and integers) and rdfs:Literal is a subclass of rdfs:Resource.

rdfs:container:- The rdfs:container is a class of container and a subclass of resource.

RDF Attributes

RDF attributes are of the following types:

rdf:about:- rdf:about defines and describe the resources.

rdf:ID:- It defines the ID of an element.

rdf:li:- Defines a list.

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