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UDDI In Web Services
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UDDI 1.0 was originally announced by Microsoft, IBM, and Ariba in September 2000. UDDI is a public registry designed to form information about businesses and their services in a way that can be easily understand and structured i.e. why it is also called as global registry. It is a platform-independent, Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based registry. UDDI Version 3.0.2 is now being mostly used.

Architecture of UDDI


Architecture of UDDI involves the following Elements

UDDI Specification: It consists of UDDI Operators, UDDI Programmer's API (API defines sets function that uddi registry support e.g. publishing data) and UDDI Data Structures (such as XML structures). Now a days UDDI Version 3.0.2 is mostly used it describes the Web services and UDDI registry.

UDDI Schema: Schema is an abstract representation of an object's characteristics and relationship that can describe another objects. This means that uddi schema defines resources and characterstics and relationship of another resources.

UDDI Regitery: UDDI Business Registry also called as UBR. UBR consist of multiple business registry that synchronize uddi data through replication. UDDI Registry is one by which web services list themselves on the internet.

Advantages of using UDDI
  • It provides visibility to identify the organization services.
  • It improves the service development time and improves productivity.
  • It provides a management for lifecycle of business service.
  • Provide authentication security
Applications of UDDI
  • Publishing information about web services.
  • Finding appropriate information to meet the criteria of web services.
  • Finding and determining the transport protocol to provide security to the web services.
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