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Web Services

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SOAP Tutorial

Web Services Architecture
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Web service Architecture is an architectural style which aimed at achieving loose coupling and reuse of interacting agents/components. A Web Services architecture implementation allow quality and security of service to control and manage the interactions between the three roles.The interactions involve the publish, find, and bind operations. These roles and operations act upon the web service.

The architecture of the Webservices defines three roles:

Service Provider

The service provider implements the service and makes it available on the Internet. Likewise Internet Service Provider is a company such as Google Fiber that provides internet access to a companies and mobile users.The service provider publishes its interface and provide an access information to the service registry. Web service provider describe the services using WSDL (i.e. Web Services Description Language). WSDL is an XML format for describing network services as a set of messages.

Service Directory


A directory service or service directory is a software system that stores, organizes, and provides access to information. It is also called as a service registry because it is centralized directory of services. It provides a central place where developers can publish and find new services. Also it stores information about what services are available and who can use it. The definition of WSDL is stored in UDDI (i.e. Universal Description Discovery and Integration).

Service Consumer

This is any consumer of the web service. Also called as service requestor. Service Consumer interacts with the service provider for the services using SOAP (i.e. Simple Object Access Protocol). SOAP provides a way to communicate between applications that are running on different operating systems.

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