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DCL (Data Control Language)

Features of DCL are:

  1. DCL stands for Data Control Language
  2. Used to create roles
  3. Used to create permissions

Commands in DLC is given below

  1. GRANT: Gives user to access database means user privilege to database.
  2. REVOKE: Withdraw access privileges given with the GRANT command

TCL (Transactional Control Language)

Features of TCL are:

  1. TCL is stands for Transactional Control Language
  2. It is used to manage different transactions occurring within a database

Commands in TCL is given below

  1. COMMIT: This Statement used to save work done by the user.
  2. SAVEPOINT: Identify the point which you can later roll back in a transaction.
  3. ROLLBACK: Restore database to original.
  4. SET TRANSACTION: Change transaction options like isolation level and what rollback segment to use
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