Extracting Data Into Another Table
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A SELECT statement with the INTO clause is used to store the result set in a new table without a data definition process. The SELECT INTO statement creates a new table.

If the table is already exists, then the operation fails.

The command syntax is the,

SELECT  columns_list
INTO  new_table_name
FROM table_name 1, table_name 2.. table_name n  
WHERE condition 1, condition 2..condition n

Where coloumn_list is the list of columns to be included in the new table.

new_table_name is the name of the new table where data is to be stored.

condition is the conditions on which rows are to be included in the new table..


Create a new table from the title table.

SELECT title_id ,title
INTO aditya
FROM titles
WHERE price>15

(8 row(s) affected)

FROM  aditya


A new table created named aditya

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