Update in MySQL
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The update command is use to modify the stored data or existing records in the table. the are some clause which use in this command like:

  1. The update can be done in one or more field.
  2. In this we can also use the WHERE condition.

Note: The updation can be done single table at a time.


UPDATE tablename  
SET field1 = new-value1, field2=new-value2	
[WHERE Clause]

Previous view of table is shown below


UPDATE studinfo 				//Update command
SET mname='SINGH' 				//insert value
WHERE sid=103;					//Where conditions

Update one or more values in a same table


UPDATE STUDINFO					//update command
SET mname=NULL ,mname='SINGH'			//More than one condition
WHERE SID=108 and 105;				//where condition
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