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Using the DataList Control
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Add a DataListto a Web Form

  1. Open the UsingWebForms project from the Start page or the File menu.
  2. In the Solution Explorer, double-click the DataList.aspx file.Microsoft Visual Studio .NET opens the page in the form designer.
  3. Drag a DataList control from the Web Form tab of the Toolbox onto the form designer.Visual Studio adds a placeholder for the DataList control.
  4. Select the DataGrid, and then click left corner the bottom and select on choose data source

    Select a Data source Type and then press OK button

  5. Select New connection
  6. change data source
  7. Select datasource
  8. Fill server Name name select r enter database name and press ok button
  9. Save the connection and press OK button
  10. Select columns from a table and press next button
  11. Click Test query for preview data and press finish button
  12. select datasource name
  13. press f5 and run the program
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