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Characterstics of web services are as follows:-

  1. XML-based:-XML based is totally platform independent and run on any operating system and also language independent.
  2. Loosely Coupled:-Loosely coupled means consumer of a web service does not tied web services directly.A tightly coupled system implies that the client and server logic are closely tied to one another.
  3. Coarse-grained:-Its provide Coarse-grained facility for JAVA programs and methods.
  4. Ability to be synchronous or asynchronous:-Synchronicity provide the facility to binding the client when client want to execute the Web Services. Means client synchronously used the services.Asynchronous operations allowedthe client a client to invoke the web service when client want to execute other functions.
  5. Supports to Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs):-Web services support the remote procedure calls when transaction occur during exchange of documents.
  6. Supports document exchange:-Web services support the transfer the exchange of documents to utilize business transaction. Exchange of document totally XML based.
  7. Machine-to-machine interactions:-Provide Machine to machine interaction through different web services component.
  8. Interoperability:-Interoperability provide system to system work without any external effort.
  9. Platform, operating system and language-independence:-Web services are run on any platform and there is no dependency for any language. We use this for any operating system.
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