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HTML Interview Questions And Answers

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Who develops HTML?
a. WWW
b. W3C
c. AT&T
d. Bell
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We send and receive HTML file using which protocol? 
b. POP3
d. FTP
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suman majhi
Which sequence of HTML tags are correct?
a. <html><head><title></<title></head><body></body></html>
b. <html><head></head><body><title></<title></body></html>
c. <html><head><title></<title><body></body></head></html>
d. <html><title></<title><head></head><body></body></html>
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Which command we use to link a page with an HTML page?
a. <a link="page.htm" ></a>
b. <a href="page.htm"?phpMyAdmin=70ac9566533a2665b6597346aab7f985&phpMyAdmin=f43d4e0b88acea2d2a393515f6bf38f2 ></a>
c. <a connect="page.htm" ></a>
d. <a attach="page.htm" ></a>
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Which command used to create HTML Link?
a. <a highlight="">When press open R4R website</a>
b. <a hyperlink="">When press open R4R website</a>
c. <a href="">When press open R4R website</a>
d. <a bluetext="">When press open R4R website</a>
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HTML Interview Questions And Answers

HTML Interview Questions And Answers

HTML Interview Questions And Answers

HTML Subjective Questions And Answers

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