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Animation In JavaScript
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javascript provide Animation which is based on a phenomenon calledpersistence of vision The concept of animating is moving of an object in Javascript .

The object that is being animated is changed over a number of steps set at a certain interval over a certain period of time at each step the object may be changed in any number of ways

Example :

var theText = "r4r deal is a best deal service"; 
function nextSize(i,incMethod,textLength) 
if (incMethod == 1) return (85*Math.abs( Math.sin(i/(textLength/3.14))) ); 
if (incMethod == 2) return (275*Math.abs( Math.cos(i/(textLength/3.14)))); 

function sizeCycle(text,method,dis) 
   output = ""; 
   for (i = 0; i < text.length; i++) 
       size = parseInt(nextSize(i +dis,method,text.length)); 
       output += "<font style='font-size: "
	   + size +"pt'>" +text.substring(i,i+
   theDiv.innerHTML = output; 

function doWave(n) 
 if (n > theText.length) {n=0} 
 setTimeout ("doWave(" 
 + (n+1) + ")", 
<body onload="doWave(10)"> 
<div ID="theDiv" 
align="center">@ r4rdeal</div> 

Output :

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