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Javascript Interview Questions And Answers

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The NULL value is used to represent no value or no object. 
mean No object or null string, No valid boolean value, No number , No array object

 JavaScript's greatest potential gift to a Web site is that scripts can make the page more immediately interactive, that is, interactive without having to submit every little thing to the server for a server program to re-render the page and send it back to the client. For example, consider a top-level navigation panel that has, say, six primary image map links into subsections of the Web site. With only a little bit of scripting, each map area can be instructed to pop up a more detailed list of links to the contents within a subsection whenever the user rolls the cursor atop a map area. With the help of that popup list of links, the user with a scriptable browser can bypass one intermediate menu page. The user without a scriptable browser (or who has disabled JavaScript) will have to drill down through a more traditional and time-consuming path to the desired content.

arr[arr.length] = value; 

obj["age"] = 17 or obj.age = 17. 

var obj = new Object(); or var obj = {};

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Javascript Objective Questions And Answers

Javascript Objective Questions And Answers

Javascript Interview Questions And Answers

Javascript Subjective Questions And Answers

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