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ImageMap In JavaScript
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javascript provide Image map to an easy way of linking various parts of an image without dividing the image into separate image files.and also Image maps are a popular way to provide navigation for a site

There are two types of image maps is used : client-side and server-side

client-side :

client-side extensions allow an application to place elements on an HTML form and respond to user events such as mouse clicks, form input, and page navigation.

server-side :

server-side extensions allow an application to communicate with a relational database, provide continuity of information from one invocation to another of the application, or perform file manipulations on a server.

The map is defined using the <map> </map> tag.

inserting an image

Syntax :

<img src="image.jpg" >


function alertImage() {
  alert("r4r is a best deal services")

<h3> click on image </h3>

 <A href="javascript:alertImage()"><IMG
 Src="imager4r.gif" ALT="here"

 Border=0 Height=200 Width=


Output :

when user click on this image, this message shows in popbox.

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