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Javascript Interview Questions And Answers

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 JavaScript is an scripting language for the client side web development means web pages. It is designed by Brenden Eich comes in 1995.

Developer of JavaScripts are Netscape Communications Corporation, Mozilla Foundation. As name indicate you think it is essential related to Java. Its wrong its syntax matched with C Syntax,it use some java name and their convension. It is influenced by Seff,C,Scheme,Perl,Python,Java. Using this we can do many thimgs like: to improve Design,validate forms,detect browsers etc. JavaScript can be use by new programmer easily. I have given you some most important point related to JavaScript. 

  1. JavaScript is a trademark of Sun Microsystem. 
  2. It is dynamic,Weak and prototype language. 
  3. Using JavaScript we can make our HTML pages interactive. 
  4. JavaScript is a scripting language.
  5. We can embedded JavaScript directly into HTML pages.
  6. It is an interpreted language means for execution their is no need to pre-compilation of JavaScript. Latest version of JavaScript is 1.8/ 2008

 No, they are not.

Java (developed by Sun Microsystems) is a powerful and much more complex programming language in the same category as C and C++.

JavaScriptwas created by Brendan Eich at Netscape and was first introduced in December 1995 under the name of LiveScript. However, it was rather quickly renamed JavaScript, although JavaScripts official name is ECMAScript, which is developed and maintained by theECMA (European Computer Manufacturer's Association) International organization.

We use JavaScript when we want to perform several things like this

  1. JavaScripts are simple pre compiled code.We use this code into the HTML pages to make interactive .It is easy to use. 
  2. Using JavaScript we can set dynamic text into the HTML page.Example:document.write("+text+") 
  3. we can also set JavaSCript perform when some event happen means its automatically call when some special event execute.
  4. Using JavaScript we can read HTML element and changed the content of element. 
  5. Using JavaScript we can validate the data before sending to to the server.Means that we can reduce the server Urocessing before using JavaScript. 
  6. Using JavaScript we can identify the user's browser. 
  7. Using JavaScript we can also create the cookie and used this cookies to store and retrieve info on user's system.

  1. ECMAScript is an official name of JavaScript.
  2. ECMA Organization developed and maintain ECMAScript.
  3. An official JavaScript standard is ECMA-262.Development to of this started in 1996 and It is first used in ECMA     General Assembly in june 1996.
  4. It gets cettificated by international ISO (ISO/IEC 16262) standard in 1998.
  5. It is usually based on JavaScript and Jscript Repectively given by Netscape and Microsoft.First it is invented by   Brendan Eich at Netscape and applied on Navigator 2.0 after 1996 it is used on all type of Netscape and     micrisoft   browser.

 We use JavaScript in HTml page inside the 

 In the above example we write JavaScript inside the 
Those we write inside the document.write it will print as output. 
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Javascript Objective Questions And Answers

Javascript Objective Questions And Answers

Javascript Interview Questions And Answers

Javascript Interview Questions And Answers

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