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JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Basics
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JavaScript is a client-side language, which means all the action occurs on the client's (reader's) side of things. that's are integrated into the browsing environment

and it is also a simple scripting language that's used in web browsers to make websites more dynamic.,

Features of JavaScript

There are following Feature of javascript as given below:

Dynamic typing: Like other scripting languages it supports dynamic typing.

Object Oriented Programming: JavaScript supports Object Oriented Programming.

Functions: Functions are first-class, they are objects themselves.

Regular expressions: JavaScript also supports regular expression.


Prototypes: prototypes is used in javascript.

Imperative and Structured: Most of the syntax of JavaScript is like 'C'.

Advantage of JavaScript

There are following Advantage of javascript as given below:

  • it support regular expressions
  • associative arrays
  • it is loosely typed variables
  • objects and classes
  • JavaScript is the ability to run almost anything in the web browser
  • involved date, math, and string libraries
  • world wide web, document object model(DOM)support in the JavaScript
Disadvantages of JavaScript

There are following Disadvantage of javascript are:

  • In case of commercial application There is no way to hide the JavaScript code
  • Developer depends on the browser support for the JavaScript.
  • A web application that depends on too much JavaScript can make it difficult for SEO.


Difference between javascript and Java

JavaScript Java
JavaScript is used for front-end web development Java is used as a back-end language within a web environment.
Object-oriented. No distinction between types of objects. Inheritance is through the prototype mechanism, and properties and methods can be added to any object dynamically. Class-based. Objects are divided into classes and instances with all inheritance through the class hierarchy. Classes and instances cannot have properties or methods added dynamically.
Interpreted by client (not compiled). Compiled bytecodes downloaded from server, executed on client.
Variable data types not declared (loose typing). Variable data types must be declared as Java maintains strong type checking.
Cannot automatically write to hard disk. Same it is
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