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JavaScript Tutorial

Numbers in Javascript
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The following are the properties for the Number object in javascript. The Number object represents numerical date, either integers or floating-point numbers.etc.

Number Properties :

Property Description
MIN_VALUE Always the smallest possible numeric value.
MAX_VALUE Always the largest possible numeric value.
NaN Equal to a value that is not a number.
NEGATIVE_INFINITY A value that is less than MIN_VALUE.
POSITIVE_INFINITY A value that is greater than MAX_VALUE
prototype Use the prototype property to assign new properties and methods to the Number object in the current document


Number Methods :

The Number object contains only the default methods that are part of every object and each object have different definition.

Method Description
toExponential() Returns the expotential value of the number.
toString() Returns the string representation of the number's value.
constructor() Returns the function that created this object's instance.
toLocaleString() Returns the number as a string.
toPrecision() Returns a string with a specified number of digits.
valueOf() Returns the number's value.
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