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HTML Introduction
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HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is developed by scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. HTML is used a "hidden" code which helps us to communicate with others documents on the World Wide Web (WWW).

HTML is a computer language and it is allow website creation.Any client to be used any operating system and any browser by user can view that.

  1. HT – Hyper text – Text with Linked to another document
  2. ML – Markup Language – written b/w tags (<>).

Some important points of HTML

  • It is stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and describing web documents (web pages).
  • In HTML all tags are pre define and use for creating static web pages.
  • It is part of Markup Language – HTML + DHTML + XML + XHTML.
Markup Language

Markup Language which language written between < > (tags) that is called a Markup Language – mark within tags (< >). All Markup Languages product of W3C(world wide Web Consortium – Group) & all are non programming + interpreted Languages, Use for web development.

Markup languages are used in four part likes as

  1. HTML
  2. DHTML
  3. XML
  4. XHTML

Some important points Of Markup languages

  • All markup language product of W3C (world wide web consortium-group).
  • In the market Ist presented markup language by GML(Generalized Markup Language) but this markup language not successful in development because it is more complex.Then after a new markup language introduced SGML(Standard version of GML) but it is also complex to operate.After that W3C break into two HTML and DHTML.
DHTML ( dynamic hyper text markup language)
  • In DHTML all Pre define and Dynamic web pages and using dynamic web pages
  • It means dynamic web pages concept of css(cascading style sheets) & scripting language.

XML (extensible markup language)

  • All tags are pre define , XML is not presentation purpose and not a web page designing.
  • It is used for data interchange on net.
  • It is also needed XML - Data interchange + config purpose - Serlets-config file-web.

Simple example of HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>
       <p>Hello user's</p>


Description of HTML example

DOCTYPE : It defines the document type.

html : Text between html tag describes the web document.

body : Text between body tag describes the body content of the page that is visible to the end user.

h1: Text between h1 tag describes the heading of the webpage.

p : Text between p tag describes the paragraph of the webpage.

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